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Creating a Happier and Healthier Future for Children

The Archies, along with Cry NGO, brings an amazing opportunity to contribute and help the underprivileged children to have a bright future ahead. CRY (Child Rights and You) is a preliminary childcare NGO. It strives to protect children’s rights and has influenced over three million children’s lives.

CRY foundation collaborates with parents, teachers, Anganwadi (Indian rural child care centre) staff, communities, district and state governments, and the kids themselves to meet the most basic requirements of the children. In order to foster an atmosphere where children are given first attention, the group focuses on modifying grassroots behaviours and practices and systemic public policy. Therefore at Archies Print Pack, we try to become the bridge between child rights and you.

Supporting the Children and their Future

Introducing the 2022-2023 Archies Catalogue, a special selection of greeting cards and calendars available in support of the goal of giving Indian children happier childhoods. There is a wide range of products and merchandise. These mainly include desktop calendars and a variety of seasonal greeting cards each product has its own unique id, which contains the creator’s details and publisher’s details in it.

How is Archies Contributing to making a Healthy and Fit Future India?

By purchasing something from the Cry NGO India merchandise collection, we will directly

Contribute towards a healthy and fit Future in India. These merchandise collection include a wide range of categories such as exclusive, classic, symphony, New Year, and desktop collection. Therefore corporates have a variety to choose from.

Purchases from this catalogue ensure that underprivileged children have access to education, healthy eating, and healthcare, as well as protection from child labour and child marriage.

Every time a customer makes a purchase from their website, the amount will directly go to the charity, whose main aim is to make a better future for those underprivileged children.

Benefits of Contributing to the Children

Every time Archies Print Pack makes a purchase from Cry’s merchandise, there is a scope of benefit for both parties. We will not only contribute towards ensuring that the underprivileged children get access to education, proper nutrition, and healthcare, but we also can save tax for our business. This can be done by placing a corporate order under the CSR scheme. Therefore they can help to ensure child rights.

Personal Benefits

  • Contribution towards the fit and bright future of the country.
  • Make your friends and family through those breath-taking presents.
  • Inner peace.

Corporate Benefits

  • Corporate orders can fall under the CSR scheme (T&C apply).
  • The best option to present the best gifts for your partners, employees, and clients.
  • By donating to cry the corporates can save on their tax, in other words get 50% tax exemption under the 80g income tax act to support children. Donations to CRY NGO qualify for an 80G deduction (equal to half of the amount donated) on individual or business tax returns.

Then what to wait for? Go ahead and choose the item for a loved one, the money from which will be used as Cry Donation for Indian youngsters to have a better future.