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Brown Paper Bags

Brown Paper Bags

Archies Print Pack is the biggest name in the market when it comes to brown paper bags wholesale India supply. This is the hub you come to if you need premium quality brown paper bags for various purposes.

Wholesale Supply of the Best Brown Paper Bags in India

Archies Print Pack is the biggest name in the market when it comes to brown paper bags wholesale India supply. This is the hub you come to if you need premium quality brown paper bags for various purposes.

Brown Paper Bags Online India Wholesale Shopping

Brown paper bags are the new future of shopping. Be it for grocery or apparel shopping; brown paper carry bags now mandate environmental preservation. There is a huge demand for brown paper bags online. If you are a shopkeeper or grocery store owner, you need to understand the features of brown paper bags and get them for your store. Consumers are now choosing brown paper bags over plastic bags.

Components of Brown Paper Bags

We obtain a standard brown paper bag from Kraft paper. Usually, these are monochromatic papers and are strong in nature. They can withstand a good amount of weight and are not easily weathered. Hence, these bags are in high demand in grocery and departmental stores. 

Archies Print Pack uses eco-friendly glue and water-soluble inks to make the brown paper bags 100% biodegradable. The thickness of the kraft paper we use here makes the product strong and durable. 

Where can you Use Brown Paper Bags?

Brown paper bags are getting used everywhere around us nowadays. There is a high global demand for these bags in every sector. These paper bags became famous when people started bringing their lunch in them. With time, people started using these bags for various purposes. 

You can use these bags in 10 excellent ways-

  1. Store your fruits in these paper bags to ripen them faster.
  2. People often buy brown paper bags from stores to make popcorn at home.
  3. A brown bag, once used, can be reused for cleaning windows. Paper is an excellent medium for cleaning glass.
  4. In a party or crowded gatherings, you can use paper bags to serve the snack items instead of using plastic plates and ceramic bowls. 
  5. Brown paper bags are often used as carrying bags in grocery and departmental stores. Since they are durable, you can store them for recycling.
  6. Using a paper bag for collecting compost is a great solution. These bags break down faster and help in preparing the manure.
  7. Not every gift wrap has to be fancy. You can wrap a gift in a brown paper bag and add a twist to the wrapping cut to make it appear like a handmade gift item.
  8. Brown papers work perfectly as paper fillers. Manufacturers often shred excess brown paper bags once they supply their orders to make fillers. 
  9. DIY artwork commonly uses paper bags for craftworks like dyeing eggshells, carving a pumpkin, etc.
  10. You can wrap a brown paper bag on your bread and keep it from becoming stale.

Brown Paper Bag Manufacturer and Exporter in India

Archies Print pack is the largest brown paper bag manufacturer in India, with its main manufacturing facility at Gurgaon. The products we manufacturer here are procured from premium quality wood sap only. We start the paper bag mass production process from very scratch.

Our expert manufacturing team uses the latest technology for paper extraction. Paper used for designing the brown bags is FSC® or non FSC® certified also. We follow advanced technology for pasting the products as well. With us, you get assurance of 100% customer satisfaction on every use.

Brown paper bags India supply is not restricted to areas around Gurgaon. We take care of the supply and shipping as well. We reach out to every corner of India to deliver the best quality brown paper bags. Our supply services go beyond India. Since 1966, we have been the largest brown paper bag exporters in the world. 

Being the leading global brown paper bag supplier, our product reaches the UK, the USA, and Australia without any hassle. 

If you want your order to get delivered abroad, comply with our minimum order criteria and let us know where to deliver the package. We collaborate with shipping companies to reach remote areas as well. 

Wholesale Brown Paper Bag Supply

Archies Print Pack provides you an online platform to choose and buy brown paper bag wholesale products. We offer exceptional B2B rates on bulk orders. If you own a grocery store, this is the place to be for you.

Call us at +91 888-210-6746 and let us know your requirement. You can also fill up the given enquiry form and inform us about your company details. We also offer customization on brown paper bag manufacture. If you want us to produce bulk brown paper bags with your company logo, we will provide you with the best promo material.

Call us today for the best wholesale rates.