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Gift Wrapping Paper

Features of the Gift Wrap Rolls:

The Best Gift Wrapping Paper Manufacturer and Wholesaler in India

Archies Print Pack has been one of the leading gift wrapping paper manufacturers in India since 1966. We manufacture and supply nothing but premium quality wrapping papers to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We procure our gift wrapping paper rolls from the best quality pulp.

Gift Wrapping Paper Online Shopping

Are you looking for speciality wrapping papers for your store? Do you need some variation? Visit us and check out the wide collection of gifting papers for your customers. Now, every store can have its own collection of wrapping papers for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, housewarming, and many more occasions.

Every occasion we celebrate calls for some gifts, and wrapping those gifts in shiny and exclusive papers adds a different charm to it. Who doesn’t enjoy opening a gift wrapping paper? Now, you can give your customers more enjoyment with the supply of the best quality gift wraps in India.

Features of the Gift Wrap Rolls:

Archies Print Back, being the largest gift wrapping paper India supplier, manufactures a wide range of wrapping paper rolls. Each of the rolls manufactured here has these features-

  • Procured from premium quality wood pulp
  • Obtained in an eco-friendly manner
  • 100% biodegradable in nature
  • The textures and designs are printed with water-soluble ink to ensure environment-friendliness
  • Highly-durable
  • Manufactured with a specific thickness to maintain the quality
  • Smooth texture

When to Use Gift Wrapping Papers from Us?

We manufacture gift wrapping papers for every occasion. Depending on the customer base you serve, you can place your gift wrapper request with us. Our collection of gift wraps include these variations-

  • Wraps for wedding and anniversary gifts
  • Valentine’s Day gift wraps
  • Birthday gift wrapping papers
  • Gift wraps for baby showers
  • Housewarming gift wrapping papers
  • Promo gift wrappers for company gifting
  • Wrapping papers for a kid’s party
  • Themed gift wraps
  • Festival gifting

We have more in store with us. You can place bulk orders with us to avail the best gift wrapping paper rolls wholesale India rates. We are the largest manufacturers of premium-quality gift wraps in India, and we assure you nothing but high quality in every item we supply. Let us know the type of gifting occasion you cater to, and we will supply you with an ideal solution. 

Does your store need more than one variation of gift wrapping rolls? Choose from the different themes online and select suitable options to place your order. We cater to B2B and wholesale requirements for luxury gift wrapping papers.

Types of Gift Wrapping Papers Available

Archies Print Packs brings you a wide variation of wrapping papers for various occasions. Do you cater to kid’s birthday parties or weddings? We got you covered with our collection of speciality wrapping papers. We are the biggest manufacturers of wrapping papers in India to produce different types of wrapping papers from different categories of sap.

From Kraft papers to laminated ones, there are different variations in our online store. Our manufactured papers vary in size, thickness, textures, and designs. Here is a brief list of papers available with us online-

  • Gloss laminated paper covers
  • Monochromatic gloss gift wraps
  • Promotional plain gift paper
  • Wood paper wraps
  • Kraft paper gift wraps
  • Designer gift wrapping paper rolls
  • Multi-colored matt-finished gift wraps
  • Traditional art-designed gift wraps

Do you see something you like here? Not sure of the quality of gift wraps on our online store? We assure you of the best quality gift wrapping material at our online store. You can avail of our sample papers and see the response with your customers. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction on every purchase.

Gift Paper Rolls Export in India

Archies Print Pack is the leading gift wrapping paper wholesale India exporter, reaching out to every corner of the world. We manufacture and supply top-quality gift wrapping paper rolls at our facilities in Gurgaon. With our shipping services, you don’t have to worry about deadlines. We follow a strict delivery timeline and ensure that our customers get their orders delivered in no time. 

Our reputation of being the best gift wrapping paper manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier, and exporter is globally acknowledged. We are proud to inform that leading global brand consider us, Archies Print Pack, as their favorite gift wrap wholesaler in India. Our offices are spread globally across India, Australia, UK, and the USA.

Gift wraps manufactured here are FSC®, SA 8000, SGS, and Superbrands certified. Naturally, quality comes assured with us.

Enquiry for Reasonable Rates

Are you planning to order gift wrapping paper near me? Do you want to secure a wholesale rate on your order? Get in touch with us today at +91 888-210-6746 for the best rates. We offer exciting rates on every bulk order. You can also let us know your gift paper requirements on our website. Fill up the given form with your company details and B2B requirement.