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Bakery Paper Bags

Bakery Paper Bags

Benefits of Using Paper Bags in a Bakery:

Deliver Fresh Bread with the Best Bakery Paper Bags

Archies Print Pack brings you the best quality bakery paper bag collection online in today’s market. We are the biggest paper bag wholesalers in India to assure you of premium quality paper carry bags and customer satisfaction.

Paper Bags for Bakery Items

Paper bags are widely in use in the modern world of confectionery. Nowadays, packing cakes in a paper box to using simple yet thick paper bags for carrying is common. If you are a confectioner, Archies Print Pack is the best bakery paper bag supplier for you.

You can custom-design bakery bags with your logo for brand promotion. Majorly, people are using paper bags for carrying their bakery products. You can also use decorative paper bags for gifting as well when you send a birthday or anniversary cake to your customers.

Benefits of Using Paper Bags in a Bakery:

When it comes to a bakery and confectionery, the freshness of the baked items makes all the difference. Paper bags help retain the freshness of these products. Hence, confectioners choose paper bags for packaging over plastic or aluminium foils. We can state the benefits of using bakery paper bags as

  • Paper bags allow air to pass through it, making the bread inside dry with a crispy crust. Thus, paper bags are easy solutions to keep your bread from going stale. They are known to retain the freshness of baked products for a long.
  • Large paper bags with a thick square base are ideal for holding your cake boxes. They not only offer a stronghold but also add a classy appearance to the package.
  • The decorative paper carries bags are ideal for carrying birthday and anniversary cakes.
  • Paper bags are the best way to take your bakery business eco-friendly.

Bakery Paper Bag Manufacturing

Archies Print Pack is one of the largest bakery paper bag manufacturers in India, with its headquarters in Gurgaon. We cater to various paper bag manufacturing requirements, with bakery bags as one of our prime products. We offer you an option for customization of your bakery bag orders. 

Visit us at and fill up the enquiry form to let us know your customization request. Share your confectionary logo with us, and we can print the same on the bakery bags you order us. We are the largest bakery paper bag exporter in India, reaching out to every corner of the world. 

The Best Wholesale Rate for Bakery Paper Bags

Do you want the best bakery paper bags wholesale rate in the market? Contact us today at +91 888-210-6746 and place your order in bulk. Let us know the quantity and quality of the product you need, and we will deliver in no time.