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Kraft Paper Bags

Features of the Kraft Paper Bags:

Best Quality Kraft Paper Bags for Online Wholesale Shopping

Archies Print Pack brings to you the first-ever online platform for kraft paper bags wholesale shopping. We are the largest manufacturers of kraft paper bags in India. If you need the best quality paper bag for gifting, shopping, or other purposes, we are the only source in India to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and the best wholesale rates.

Kraft Paper Bags - the Origin

Kraft paper bags are in demand in the market because of their strength to bear load and durability. Before placing a bulk purchase order with us at, understand these paper bags.

What is Kraft Paper?

Kraft paper can be described as a highly porous and elastic paper obtained from wood pulp. This is a naturally bio-degradable product that can be recycled but is not obtained from recycled paper sources. Unlike the extraction process of other types of paper, you can obtain kraftpaper sheets from any wood source. 

The paper bag industry highly prefers kraft paper bags as they are strong, durable, eco-friendly, and add to the style of the bags.

Features of the Kraft Paper Bags:

We use the best quality kraft paper sheets for manufacturing paper bags. The kraft paper bag we manufacture is obtained from 100% pure wood without the use of harsh chemicals. Hence, they are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Some of the features of these bags that makes them in-demand are-

  • Recyclable up to four to seven times
  • 100% biodegradable and compostable 
  • Highly durable and strong, the ideal design for packaging purposes
  • Makes a statement about your company. 
  • Adds to the style of packaging
  • Comes in a simple, clean yet elegant appearance
  • High in elasticity

When you buy customized kraft paper bags online India, you add goodwill to your brand. Using these bags for product delivery or gifting purposes shows that you care. The eco-friendly nature of these bags helps in creating an impression on your customers. 

Online Kraft Paper Bag Shopping

Archies Print Pack is an online wholesale platform for various types of paper bags. If you are looking for the best kraft paper bags for me, this is the place to be for you.

We supply wholesale paper bags to our B2B customers. If you are looking for a great deal on bulk orders for your store, all you need to do is choose a type of paper bag from us. 

Our online store holds several variations of kraft paper bags for you to choose from-

  • Premium retailer kraft paper bags
  • Bakery Kraft paper bag
  • Brown kraft paper bags
  • Kraft paper shopping bags
  • Kraft paper bags for food delivery
  • kraft paper bags with handles

Did you find the patterns of paper bags you were looking for? You can now select the size and color of the paper bag you will like us to manufacture for you. You can leave us your requirement online by filling up the enquiry form. Let us know your company details. We will advise you of a suitable size and style of kraft paper bags based on the purpose of your business. Once you have decided on the style of bag you wish to order, decide on the type of handle to suit the bag. We offer twisted handle and flat handle for kraft paper bags.

We can custom-design the paper bags and add your company logo to add to the promotional value.

Kraft Paper Bag Manufacture, Supply, and Export

If you want premium quality kraft paper bags, Archies Print Pack is the best solution for you in India. We are one of the leading kraft paper bag manufacturers in the country. 

We use authentic kraft pulp for the extraction of our kraft paper sheets. Our team of expert manufacturers in our Gurgaon facility uses state-of-the-art pasting and printing technology while mass-producing paper bags. We ensure each of the bags we produce is unique in style, design, and print. We keep up the eco-friendliness of the paper bags by using water-soluble ink while printing them.

Our services are not restricted to just manufacturing. We supply kraft paper bags to different parts of India and in the overseas market as well. Being one of the largest kraft paper bag exporters globally, we have our offices in Australia, the USA, and the UK.

We meet the global certification standards of SA-8000, SGS, Superbrands, and FSC®. Apart from maintaining quality, we also provide you with storage and overseas shipping support. We have a contract with the best transporters globally to ensure your package gets delivered in no time.

Bulk Rate Enquiry

If you want the best wholesale rates on kraft paper bags purchase, connect with Archies Print Pack. We are global kraft paper bag suppliers to offer you the cheapest deal on bulk orders. To place your order request or know more about our paper bags, call us at +91 888-210-6746