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Laminated Paper Bags

Laminated Paper Bags

Features of HDPE Laminated Bags:

Online Wholesale Shopping for Quality Laminated Paper Bags

Are you looking for premium quality laminated paper bags?  Since 1966, Archies Print Pack has been the leading source of laminated paper bags wholesale suppliers in India. We use an advanced lamination process to manufacture strong, durable, and attractive paper bags. 

Laminated Paper Bags Online Supply

Now you can buy laminated paper shopping bags online at a wholesale rate. Visit us at to check out the wide range of collections. Our online store has a huge collection of different forms of laminated bags. We manufacture paper laminated HDPE bags to make them strong and durable. You can place an online request for different shapes and sizes of bags. 

What are HDPE Laminated Paper Bags?

In general laminating paper bags indicate the use of heat and hard chemicals for fusing a sheet of paper between two sheets of plastic. Using this technology, making paper bags will not deliver a biodegradable solution. Hence, we use the HDPE solution.

HDPE lamination is the process when a woven fabric is pasted to kraft paper or similar quality paper. The outer LD-coating gives the paper bags extra strength and biodegradable. These bags are sealed centrally and stitched at the bottom to prevent seepage. Some of the laminated paper bags are often poly-coated. You can use those bags in the packaging industries to prevent package damage from oil, grease, or moisture.

Where can you use HDPE Laminated Paper Bags?

Being one of the largest laminated paper bag manufacturers in India, Archies Print Pack supplies premium quality bags to the packaging industry. Our laminated bags are widely used for packaging milk cartons, chemicals, food grains, etc. 

Some of the apparel stores have also started ordering laminated bags for their strength and durability.

Features of HDPE Laminated Bags:

  • They are anti-skid and good for stacking products
  • The gusseted bags have a box-like appearance.
  • Strong and stiff
  • Hygienic
  • Biocompostable and recyclable 
  • Prevents seepage
  • Retains aroma and keeps products inside fresh
  • Moisture-proof
  • Suitable for printing and customization

Paper Laminated Bag Export

Archies Print Pack is the largest laminated paper bag exporter in India. We have our offices in the UK, the USA, and Australia as well. If you are looking for laminated paper bags suppliers to reach remote places, we got you covered. 

Our advanced laminated bag printing allows us to offer customization for your paper bag requirement. You can share your logo or promotional info, and we will print it on the bags for you. Select a preferred size and style of laminated bag and place your order. You need to fulfill our minimum piece order criteria, and we will deliver the items to you, irrespective of the place where you need them. We have shipping and transportation support all around the globe.

Reasonable Wholesale Rate on Paper Laminated Bags

Are you looking for an HDPE laminated paper bags manufacturer near you? Look no further. Visit Archies Print Pack and leave your product requirement with us. We offer exceptional wholesale deals on bulk orders. To know more about us, call us at +91 888-210-6746