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Printed Paper Bags

Printed Paper Bags

Features of the Printed Carry Bags:

Best Quality Custom Printed Paper Bags in India

Archies Print Pack is the largest manufacturer of premium quality paper bags. We use advanced technology for mass-producing printed paper bags for the wholesale market. With us, you can custom-design your paper bag, print your logo digitally, and use the product as the ideal promotional item.

Printed Paper Bags Online India Shopping

Printed paper carry bags are the most common form of printed bags in demand in today’s world. In the modern world, paper bags get more demand than plastic bags as they are biodegradable. When you get these papers digitally printed with your logo or add a design to it, it becomes more attractive and perfect for promotion.

Features of the Printed Carry Bags:

  • Strong and durable
  • Multipurpose use 
  • Adds a chic appearance to your daily grocery carry bag
  • Option to custom-design for promotional purpose
  • Printed with water-soluble ink to make it eco-friendly
  • Recyclable and reusable for household purposes

Where can you use Printed Paper-Made Bags?

Printed paper-made bags are mostly used for promotional purposes. You can get a message printed on the bag or simply get your company logo. They are widely used in the food industry, apparel stores, grocery stores, bakeries, departmental stores, etc. Nowadays, every small vendor chooses paper bags over plastic ones.

Custom-Printing Paper Bags

Archies Print Pack, one of the leading printed paper bag manufacturers in India, offers you the chance to custom-design every paper bag you order with us. Visit us at and choose a suitable paper bag style from the wide range of bags available with us. Our online store offers the best printed paper bags wholesale rate to all our B2B agents. 

With every bulk order you place with us; we offer you a chance for customization. While selecting a style of a paper bag with us, consider these points and let us know your preference-

  • The purpose of use for the paper bag you have in mind
  • What size of bags do you require? You can always mix the sizes of paper bags and place your order.
  • Based on what the bag is expected to hold, the strength of paper you require. We have a paper thickness variant between 80 – 400 GSM.
  • Type and style of handle your need your paper bag to have
  • Colors and designs you wish to get printed on your paper bag.
  • Do you want us to print your logo on the bags digitally?
  • How long will the paper bags last?

Once we understand your requirement, we will provide you with a quotation. We can assure 100% customer satisfaction and the cheapest wholesale rate when you purchase your paper bags from us.

Printed Paper Bag Supply and Export

Archies Print Pack had been one of the leading printed paper bag suppliers since 1966. If you are looking for paper bag manufacturers near me with overseas export options, we are the first choice in India. 

We offer complete export support on every order. We not only manufacture premium quality paper bags and print them but also provide storage and distribution support on every order.

Enquire for Wholesale Rate

Do you want the best wholesale rate for printed paper bags near me? Contact us today at +91 888-210-6746 and place your bulk paper bag requirement with us. We will offer you the cheapest rate in no time.