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Flat Handle Paper Bags

Flat Handle Paper Bags

Features of the Flat Handled Paper Bags:

Flat Handle Paper Bags Online Shopping- Purchase in Bulk

Archies Print Pack brings to the best-ever online shopping platform for the wholesale market. We are the market leaders to produce the best quality flat handle paper bags.

Flat Handle Paper Bags Wholesale Shopping

Flat-handled paper bags have always been a shopper’s choice when it comes to carrying a load. People are often unsure about a paper’s strength of holding items for long. Moreover, it is inconvenient to carry the paper bag all along if there is nothing to hold on to. A flat handle reinforcement adds to the convenience of shopping.

Paper bags are already preferred by grocery stores, departmental stores, fish markets, and apparel stores. Adding the flat handle to them makes them more convenient and adds to their durability. Since their introduction, they are widely in demand in the food industry. 

Features of the Flat Handled Paper Bags:

  • Like other paper bags, these are procured from non-wood sources and pasted with water-soluble glue.
  • They are biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Mostly manufactured from recycled papers
  • You can recycle these paper bags
  • The flat paper handles make the carry bags more convenient for shopping
  • This is a chic and stylish option, adding to the aesthetic of the carry bags.
  • Easily reusable at home and stores. 
  • Highly durable 
  • Strong for carrying a moderate load
  • Works as the perfect promotional and branding item.

Wholesale online shopping:

Archies Print Pack is one of the largest flat handle paper bag manufacturers in India. We bulk-produce our paper bags. Our online store has the largest collection of paper bag variations. We offer B2B deals to our customers. You can place bulk orders with us for wholesale rates through our website.

If you have some specifications, let us know about them. We tailor-make all our paper bags to ensure that each of them is unique. The flat-handled paper bags we manufacture are available in different sizes, shapes, colors, and designs.

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Are you looking for flat handle paper bag suppliers outside India? Look no further. We have got you covered. We not only premium quality wholesale paper bags but also supplies our products to different parts of the world. We are the global leaders when it comes to paper bag export.

Archies Print Pack had been the biggest flat handle paper bag exporter in India since 1966. Apart from our Gurgaon office, we have our offices in the UK, the USA, and Australia to handle all our export work. 

You can visit us at, look for a suitable category of a paper bag with a handle, and place your bulk order online. You need to meet the minimum order criteria to initiate an export order with us. Once you place the order, we take care of the rest. Our shipping and transportation partners ensure that the delivery is processed in no time.

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