Archies Print Pack has Become Amfori BSCI Certified

Archies Print Pack, a reputed paper bag printing and manufacturing firm, is now amfori BSCI certified. This certification adds to the credibility and trust that companies offer to their clients. Let’s dive deep into what BSCI certification is and why its compliance is a game-changer for ethical businesses.

What Is BSCI Certification?

BSCI, an abbreviation for Business Social Compliance Initiative, was initially developed to streamline social standards for businesses supplying consumer goods in Europe. It was officially launched in the year 2004. It is based on the standards set out by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and other international labour organizations. It also aligns with the standards laid out by the UN charter for Human Rights and national regulations.

Founding Information:

The BSCI was first founded by the Foreign Trade Association in the year 1977, which was then a non-profit organization. Members then included 10 EU countries. In 2003, it was formally founded as BSCI, aiming to develop a set of tools and procedures that the BSCI members would uniformly incorporate into their business practices.

Why is BSCI important?

– Ensures legal compliance
– Allows freedom of an association
– Permits right to collective bargain
– Prohibits against discrimination
– Encourages compensation
– Accounts for working hours
– Ensures Workplace health and safety
– Prohibits Child Labour
– Prohibits forced labour and ensures disciplinary measures
– Ensures adherence to environmental and safety issues
– Navigates management systems

Important Pointers To Note

– The organization does not issue a direct BSCI certificate but outlines an audit report with results that can be seen as proof of audit.
– Companies participating in international businesses and markets are encouraged to follow BSCI standards and undergo their audit.

Advantages of BSCI Audit

– Ensures Accountability
– Creates a foundation of trust for future business relationship
– Empowers initiatives like fair pay and safe working conditions
– Save costs of multiple audits
– Creates an environment of safety & trust within the organization
– Improves management of the value chain

Archies Print Pack adheres to all the above and aims to maintain the high standards of BSCI audits consistently.